Parents Empowering Parents Program

Parents Empowering Parents (PEP) Program

The PEP Program is an innovative peer-to-peer skills training program to introduce parents to the tools for handling the realities of raising a child with a bleeding disorder. The PEP program is led by social workers/psychologists, peer parents, and healthcare professionals who use classroom discussions, role-playing, and hands-on experiences to educate parents about the types of skills needed to effectively parent a child with hemophilia.

Manual Translation ‘A Program for Parents of Children with Bleeding Disorders’, which has been conceptualized, created and authored by Danna Merritt, MSW, CSW along with Sandra Joseph, MA, PhD is being translated into Hindi for Indian parents.

Train the Trainer Workshop, New Delhi A Three day residential Train the Trainer workshop for professionals like doctors, psychologists, social workers and volunteers was organised in Delhi on 1-3rd December, 2010.

The program was inaugurated by a small ceremony of lightening the lamp by the chief guest Mr. Anshu Prakash, Principal Secretary, Dept. of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of NCT of Delhi,  Dr. Naresh Gupta, Director- Professor & Head of Hemophilia Centre at Maulana Azad Medical College and LNJP Hospital along with the faculty members from the US, Mr. Edward Kubler, Ms. Danna Merritt and Mr Alex Lowe. Ms Richa Mohan, a Clinical psychologist and Director of Empowering Minds, welcomed and introduced the faculty members to the participants and other guests. Two parents felicitated the guests with a memento as a token of appreciation.

The Principal Secretary, Mr. Anshu Prakash welcomed the program to India and assured his support to the cause of Hemophilia and praised the voluntary organization efforts in bringing the amazing program to the country. He ensured his support for the successful implementation of the program in India. Dr. Naresh Gupta, emphasized the importance of psychosocial care in hemophilia and congratulated the participants for getting the opportunity to learn from the  program and take it further to the parents of their respective hospitals and chapters. Mr Vijay Kaul, Executive Director, SHC India, extended the vote of thanks on behalf of both the Organizations to the dignitaries and all present. Ms Sujata Parashar, Executive board member, Empowering Minds emceed the inaugural function. Immediately after the Inauguration the workshop was declared open.

The program is now being taken to other cities where there are haemophilia societies and chapters.

PEP Pune, Maharastra -2nd  August to 4th August 2013

 The PEP International team/trainers were invited by EM to impart training on the PEP to parents on identifying, understanding and resolving age-speciific Psychosocial issues of children with hemophilia and ensuring a healthy and happy personality of such children suffering from the genetic bleeding disorder. The programme was exclusively meant for parents and and other care givers. On 2nd August 2013 the programme was inaugrated with lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest Col. Anil Kolatkar (Retd), who has worked extensively for the cause of Hemophilia as the Director-Western Region of Hemophilia Federation India, the professional team from the US, Mr. Edward Kuebler, Ms. Danna Meritt, Mr. Alex Lowe and Dr. Madhavi Rajpurkar and the senior team members of EM and Pune Hemophilia Society respectively.

PEP Guhati, -31st October to -2nd November 2014

The 3​  day​ PEP training programme for parent educators and caregivers was supported by  Novo Nordisk Foundation.

The inauguration of the programme was commenced with lighting of the diya (lamp) by the Chief guest, Dr. Alka Sharma, (Ex – MLA and Social Activist, Guwahati), Ms. Richa Mohan (Director – EM and PEP India Coordinator), Mr. Edward Kuebler (International PEP coordinator and Facilitator), Allison Pohl (Parent Facilitator from US), Mr. Mukesh Garodia (Executive Board member – HFI and President Guwahati Chapter) and Sujata Parashar (Board Member – EM and PEP India trainer). A guest psychologist from Guwahati also attended the inaugural ceremony. As a token of appreciation the esteemed guests and trainers were presented with colourful Assamese stoles and mementoes. On behalf of Empowering Minds a vote of thanks was offered by Ms. Sujata Parashar to the honoured guests, HFI and Novo Nordisk Foundation (NNHF) and the participants for their support and involvement.

Some Testimonies Pune

“This program is wonderful, if we would have come across this program before, our family would have been so different” – by A Parent from Pune

“Going through the PEP, I have become a better person, I now have confidence to raise my child in healthy and effective manner” – A young parent from Nasik

“I know these parents for so long, they are regulars in the chapter, but I really came to know them better today because of the PEP” – by Chapter Key Person

Some Testimonies Guhati

“It (PEP) should be continued because it helps to train parents and change their mind.” (Mind-set)

“PEP Program should train the (other) parents. Well organised. Teaching is so good. Communication and training is very good.”

“We shared all our feelings with each other. PEP teaches us how to handle situations.”

“It is very beneficial for every parent.”

“It helps the parents to understand the role of parenting. How to raise our children to be responsible. Understand each other’s feelings. How to raise a child esp. with bleeding disorder, to make him feel safe, secure and confident in himself.”

This is a very knowledgeable programme. And even I was not being aware regarding many more things. Indeed this programme gives us many things.

“We need PEP.”

“We need PEP, please visit again. I call you by heart. Special thanks to Richa Mohan, Sujata and Mr. Ed.”

“To include uneducated and orthodox parents. To be conducted in small chapters where parenting is totally different world to them.  They parent with lack of information. Doctors and physicians are to be also included so that they also know what parenting means. ”

“PEP courses can be done with doctors.”

“I want to join again PEP training.”

“PEP is endless training (a long course). I’m only one person coming from Kolkata chapter. I would like to want that everybody have the right to take a lesson from PEP. So please organise PEP at every chapter for betterment (of) their life.”

“It awares first to us. (Makes us aware) and makes sense learn. (Imparts sensible learning)”

“This would not be a suggestion but a request to invite the parents who are from rural villages or those who are not so well – educated because rather than educated those require more information.”